Stealing Thunder1

Start an artistic revolution

Zenia is a graffiti artist with a vision. Steal a tank for her to paint, then bring it back to her while avoiding military reinforcements.

Gameplay of Stealing Thunder

Responding to playtest results

You were originally asked to find a tank in the open world without any guidance, but the systemic nature of the game made this difficult. I was asked to create a bunker that could house a tank, and it was later decided to explicitly point you to that location.

The bunker is connected to a long and winding road, occupied by the military. In order for the vehicle AI to pass through properly, all cover and obstacles had to be placed along the sides.

A hole in the fence at the front entrance allows you to sneak behind the security guard and stealthily take them out. You can then go behind the rocks and into the tent for another takedown.

Heavy Metal1

An artistic masterpiece

With your newly-painted tank, head out to the town of Verdera and destroy political billboards while fending off military reinforcements.

Gameplay of Heavy Metal

Spacing between billboards help keep them regularly in sight, improving guidance and pacing. And of the ten available, you only need to destroy eight—this allows you to miss a few without having to aimlessly hunt for them later.

Some billboards were placed higher up to add verticality to the mission.

Helicopters offer a slight change in gameplay by having you look up and aim while they fly around.


  • Stealing Thunder
  • Bunker layout
  • Enemy setup
  • Visual scripting
  • Heavy Metal
  • Billboard placement
  • Enemy setup
  • Visual scripting
  • General
  • AI animation events
  • AI battlefields
  • Dialog integration
  • Ammo distribution