Roosters on boosters

Juiced-up roosters have taken over a farm. Elvis, a cockfighter, thinks he can use one of their eggs to his advantage. Endure the roosters' wrath and steal one of their eggs, then destroy the rest.

Gameplay of Over Easy

Early layout planning

Sketches like this helped me communicate my ideas to the directors, leads, and artists.

Final layout

I wanted to split the farm into four distinct areas to improve wayfinding.

Eggs placed with intention

Rather than scattering them all over the place, I grouped the eggs into themed areas—inside a house, under a porch, across some garden beds, in a toolshed, and under a chicken coop.

Some areas are only accessible by crouching, changing up the gameplay to make it more engaging.

Nests in each area are placed so you can see them all at once from the entrances. And I carefully adjusted the positions of each egg to be visible from nearly every angle.

Each egg area contains a radio and several chicks and chickens. Once you break all the eggs in the area, the radio shuts off, and the animals flee, helping you remember which sections you've already completed.

Anecdotes add a little more fun

Funny anecdotes like an exploding tractor and fleeing farm animals illustrate the amount of destruction the roosters have caused.

There's fire and smoke all over the farm. I had to be careful of how much to place so that it didn't become distracting.

When you enter the farm from the main entrance, a burning tractor is triggered to explode.

After the tractor explosion, some farm animals flee from the site, running down the path towards you.


  • Environment
  • Farm layout
  • Egg placement
  • Fire regions
  • Ammo distribution
  • Visual Scripting
  • Mission script
  • Reload logic
  • AI spawn system
  • AI
  • Animal AI setup
  • AI battlefields
  • AI animation events