Who's a Good Boy?1

Earn Chorizo's trust.

Explore the open world to find some crocodile meat, a key ingredient in Chorizo's favorite dish. Then, deliver it to him to earn his trust and unlock the next mission.

Gameplay of Who's a Good Boy?

The mission objectives were initially outlined in Chorizo’s quest menu as if he was giving you the instructions himself. But this didn’t make much sense since he can’t talk, so a note was added as an extra step to provide narrative context.

Inspired by my friend's dog, I made it so Chorizo runs up to his bowl in anticipation as you approach. And when you leave, he moves away to take a nap.

Fetch Quest

Showered with gifts

After earning Chorizo's trust, follow him around the camp as he digs up some of his hidden stashes for you. In the end, Chorizo will join you as an Amigo companion!

Gameplay of Fetch Quest

Chorizo takes you on a path through the entire camp, going in and out of buildings as he locates the stashes. The path used to be longer, but I cut it down to achieve the perfect length.

There's a great vista view at the end of the path. Here, Chorizo playfully barks as he waits for you to collect the final stash.

The rewards get better and better

There are five stashes in total, each with different rewards that escalate in value. I later decided to have one act as a clue, leading to a reward in a completely different part of the game.

One stash contains a Mysterious Key with "Guau-Guau" engraved on the side of it. Hopefully, you'll recall a location in the first area of the game called Guau-Guau Island.

You can travel back to Guau-Guau Island and open the locked chest with the Mysterious Key, which rewards you with a unique weapon.

More than just an Easter egg

Fetch Quest started as a simple Easter egg—pet Chorizo a few times, and he'll dig up a piece of treasure. But I saw the potential for something more, so I proposed having Chorizo lead you around the entire camp to dig up multiple stashes. It then seemed like the perfect way to unlock him as your Amigo companion.

Swapping the mission order

Fetch Quest was originally first in the sequence of the two Chorizo missions, but the pacing didn't feel right to me—it felt anticlimactic. So I proposed swapping the mission order so that you had to earn Chorizo's trust in Who's a Good Boy? before being showered with gifts in Fetch Quest, which the team agreed to unanimously.


  • Who's a Good Boy?
  • Visual scripting
  • Dialog integration
  • Fetch Quest
  • Pitch
  • Stash placement
  • Visual scripting
  • Dialog integration
  • General
  • AI animation events
  • AI battlefields
  • Reload logic
  • Navmesh tweaks