My name's Rob—I'm a level designer from Ontario, Canada. I've been in the games industry since 2017, and my works include Far Cry 6 and Starlink: Battle for Atlas. I also have upper-intermediate proficiency in Japanese.

As a kid, I enjoyed many creative activities like art, crafts, videography, and playing music. My first game console was a Nintendo 64 that I got when I was six years old—since then, video games have been an active part of my life.

I also had an interest in acting. When I was twelve, I played the leading part in the music video for A Devil In A Midnight Mass by Billy Talent. A few years later, I played Chip in the stage production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. I even trained in gymnastics and professional wrestling, and was lucky enough to wrestle one live match!

In high school, I was involved with the student council and took electives in drama, art, construction, tech, and cooking. During my three years of college, I studied many areas of game development like art, programming, design, and business. I also began studying Japanese to communicate with developers in Japan.

After college, I started a game studio and piloted an after-school program to teach kids about the game development process. The venture didn't work out as planned, so I decided to apply for jobs in the industry and eventually landed a job as a development tester at Ubisoft Toronto. I then became a level designer about a year later.

I'm proud of my life experiences and draw on them regularly for inspiration. Game development satisfies all of my creative and technological interests, and making something that people love is so fulfilling. I believe it's important to love what you do. And if you love your work, people will love it back—it's like that Beatles lyric:

"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make."

Thanks for visiting!

Rob Colonico